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When you hear “Ready Schools” the question becomes, “Ready for what?” The point of the Ready Schools Grant is to help Bloomfield School District focus their efforts on 6 core principles that will ultimately prepare our students to be READY for life and success after graduation.  

1. Every student is engaged in a relevant path to success.

2. Students graduate high school ready for post-secondary and career success.

3. Meaningful and ongoing collaboration occurs among schools, industry, and community.

4. Teaching and learning are grounded in relevancy.

5. K-12 schools are aligned around a common vision of student success.

6. Schools embrace the significant role they play in achieving regional prosperity.

Currently, we are in the “Discovery Phase,” of the process.  Our teams are looking at data, questioning current and past practices, and preparing to begin meeting with stakeholders in our community.  In those meetings we will be discovering how different groups view educational success. Then based on that information, our team will work to develop a plan to meet the needs of our students and stakeholders.  

How can you get involved?  Take part in a stakeholder meeting.  The meetings will be announced through school social media beginning in late September.  You may also contact me, Jenny Medina, directly to schedule a meeting. I'm serving as our District Readiness Coordinator. My email is, and my phone number is 812-381-9705.

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  Over the last ten years our school has conducted more surveys than I care to count.  We've asked good questions, we've sent the questions to the people we need the answers from, but where did it go from there?  Parents, teachers,  and community members were told their opinion was needed.  They were asked to wade through questions and click their answer on a scale of strongly agree, somewhat agree, somewhat disagree, or strongly disagree.  Where did that get us?    Data in isolation has no value.  Does an answer of "somewhat agree," let us know how you actually feel?  It doesn't.  We need better information that we can actually put into use.  We need face to face conversations where we can get to real answers.  We need you.  You are the expert when it comes to your kid, your community, and your vision for our future.  Next week my Design Team will begin making calls to set up interviews with people like you.  If you would like to be interviewed and have not received a call, call me and I will add you to our list.  Together we will make Bloomfield the school you want for your child's future.  Jenny Medina Bloomfield District Readiness Coordinator 812-381-9705
Posted by jmedina  On Oct 04, 2018 at 8:49 AM
So far the beginning of our grant work has been one step forward, two steps back!  I am so excited to get started that I keep getting ahead of where we need to be.  When I first learned about this grant opportunity, and accepted the position, I thought our focus was very much centered on careers.  How can we better prepare our students for life after they leave our school?  How can we ensure we are giving them the skills they need for whichever career they choose?   After my training I found we are after something much bigger...educational success.  What does educational success mean, and does it mean the same thing to everyone?  If, as a community, we can agree on what educational success actually is, then, and only then, can we work to achieve it.  So, instead of ME deciding what makes educational success, creating a plan, and convincing you to follow it- YOU have to help make these decisions.  Stay tuned, your opportunity to voice your opinions is coming soon!
Posted by jmedina  On Aug 31, 2018 at 3:24 PM
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